Did you make a reservation?

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I’ve been talking about starting my own food blog for a very long time…. so what is it that finally made me start???

…The overwhelming feeling of rejection & betrayal at being denied a table at our all time favourite Saturday afternoon lunch spots, thanks to a yum cha special in this weeks edition of the Epicure.

Suffering a serious case of Mondayitis, the outlook for the rest of the week was instantly improved when I received an email which simply said “you me david’s saturday”.

As the week rolled by my anticipation of the delicious Shanghai Spinach & Bamboo Shoot and general feeling of zen that I get after a satisfying lunch grew and by Saturday my need for some seriously good yum cha was at fever point.

12pm arrived and we entered the building only to be greeted by a waiter we’d only seen once or twice (we were obviously unfamiliar to him) and told that they were fully booked (!)

My heart sank and mood instantly darkened… we’ve been going to David’s for many years now and have never required a booking for Saturday lunch – even during the busier Christmas period. The waiter suggested we go to their sister restaurant down the road, but it just wouldn’t do. My heart was set on Davids.

I left the restaurant feeling like the girlfriend who just got dumped for the upgraded model… didn’t they know how much I love them and how happy the melt in the mouth fried almond pudding makes me feel?!

It took me some time to get out of my funk and we drove around aimlessly while my disappointed stomach tried to decide on a satisfactory replacement…. finally we settled on some tasty and efficiently served sui mai on Victoria Street, but even now, many hours later I’m still bitter enough to blog!

Lesson learned though… if any of our other favourite restaurants receive a glowing review on the week we plan to go we’ll be making a booking!

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  1. I completely agree! It’s not fair where places who formerly didn’t take bookings suddenly start taking bookings.

    Also I’m pretty sure it’s against some yum cha rule to take bookigs for yum cha! I thought part of the point of yum cha was to jostle with other diners for a seat and give them dirty looks while you’re waiting in line?! Or maybe that’s just the places I go for yum cha…

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