Starting Out

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After suffering through another Christmas day coffee hunt, the temptation of the sales was too much and we are now the proud owners of a coffee machine!

The last two weeks have been a real learning curve… Who would have thought making that perfect cup would be so technical?! First you have to get the grind setting right, then the tamp pressure, not to mention milk quality… ahhhhh!!!!

We purchased the coffee machine a week before our grinder and not wanting to delay the home coffee experience any longer, we bought a bag of ground Chompy from St Ali. The ground size wasn’t correct for our machine and while the coffee was ok, it was by no means as good as what we sampled in store.

The first attempt - Chompy

Our first batch of beans for home grinding was purchased from Market Lane. We opted for the seasonal espresso blend, made from 86% Santa Clara (Guatemala) and 14% Yirgacheffe (Ethiopia). This blend is described as Sweet and buttery, with notes of caramel and raisins and a spicy orange finish. It sounded fantastic (and so it would want to for $16/250g!)

We wasted perhaps 1/5 of the beans getting the grind setting right, but the end result was well worth it. Donny couldn’t get the smile off his face as he marvelled at the way the coffee ‘dripped like honey’ from the group head… All this is beyond me really, but the coffee tastes good so I’m not complaining 🙂

We’ve also upgraded our milk selection from the regular full cream (coles brand) to a fancy organic milk. This is supposed to bring out the sweeter characteristics of the coffee and I think it’s working… although my coffee palate is obviously not sophisticated enough as the promised notes of raisin and spicy orange finish are still eluding me 🙁

Yesterday we purchased some new coffee cups from Cisco’s Coffee in Prahran – they’re brown like the ones you see in many cafe’s at the moment. While I’m sure it does nothing to improve the taste of the coffee the new cups have made us feel slightly more professional!

Market Lane beans (and new cups!)

2 Responses to Starting Out

  1. Astrid says:

    How do you know what grind level suits your coffee machine? Is it just trial and error?

    • Ritsy says:

      Hey Astrid,
      Yeah, it was a bit of trial and error – we got a dvd with our coffee machine & it told us what to aim for & the lady in the shop told us what she usually set her grind to so we went from there. The grind can even vary from packet of beans week to week, which I think results from the age & type of the beans, but once you have a general idea of the best setting it’s usually only slightly variates from there 🙂

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