Cats and rhubarb don’t mix

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Having decided that growing tomatoes is too water intensive for the low yield of fruit we achieved last year, I thought I might try my hand at rhubarb this year.

In September we went to Bunnings and purchased a rhubarb crown for a couple of dollars and within a week of planting we had our first new shoot. Success!

I was pretty chuffed at the growth, but the plant seemed to be in the path of Peaches & her favourite sleeping spot so any new growth kept on getting snapped off 🙁

I decided to invest in a plant guard but I fear it’s too late as there hasn’t been any sign of life for over a month.

Exhibit A: The rhubarb killing feline

I’ve done a bit of reading & hope that perhaps the crown is laying dormant in the hotter weather & will spring back to life in the cooler months.

Does anybody have any experience in growing rhubarb? Am I wasting my time with this mound of dirt or should I continue to give it some love in the hope it will reward me next season?

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  1. I have a rhubarb plant transplanted from a bigger plant someone at work has…this doesn’t mean I have great experience in growing rhubarb since my plant’s leaves are turning yellow with great speed! I’ll ask my workmate when i see her on monday & show her the pic of your rhubarb and see what she says.

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