Saturday Night Festivities

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A beautiful balmy Saturday night with no other plans meant only one thing for us… a bbq dinner in our courtyard πŸ™‚

Donny was craving meat so he found an awesome looking recipe for grilled beef with a spicy dipping sauce from Neil Perry’s book Balance and Harmony (a purchase inspired after a memorable dinner at Spice Temple last year). Now that the protein was sorted I set out to balance Donny’s desire for meat with some kind of vegetables… I suggested we serve some of the pickled cabbage we’d made a while ago (also from the balance & harmony book) and the cucumber relish from David Thompson’s Modern Thai Food, as we’d been served this as an accompaniment to the much-loved egg net rolls at a recent visit to Longrain and it was quite yummy!

To our delight all three dishes required minimal preparation. A quick marinade was made for the meat to bathe in for about half an hour, the spicy dipping sauce was a 5 minute combining of chilli powder and the likes, the cucumber relish took about 10mins to prepare cooking the sugar and rice vinegar and the cabbage just required plating from the jar in the fridge… Awesome – time to crack open a bottle of Rose!

In no time at all the meat had been cooked to perfection and we were ready to eat – what a feast! The accompaniments were a perfect match to counter the spicy dipping sauce of the beef and it wasn’t long until we’d gobbled the whole lot up *nom nom nom*

The perfect bbq in my mind… minimal effort for maximum enjoyment πŸ™‚

Grilled Beef w/ Spicy Dipping Sauce, Pickled Cabbage & Cucumber Relish

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