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As I sit down (finally) to write about hot cross buns I begin to reflect on the fact it’s taken me nearly two months to write about my baking experience…. it sure does highlight the fact that I’m the worlds greatest procrastinator – but enough about me!

We didn’t have any plans for the Easter long weekend this year so I decided I was going to make my Good Friday count and bake my own (sultana free!) apple cinnamon hot cross buns – yum 🙂

My recipe came from the April issue of Gourmet Traveller and was quite easy to follow – my only complaint was that when measuring out the ingredients first you ended up in a bit of a pickle as you progressed through the recipe because the whole portion measured out wasn’t necessarily required for that part of the dish! Why not make it simple & mention this at the start?!  (Shhh – no it’s not up to me to read ahead & measure accordingly from the start!!)

I read the recipe and almost planned ahead for a change so knew that I had to start early.

The first task was to make candied orange. This was not a requirement of the recipe but we couldn’t find any on our grocery travels so Donny suggested I just make my own… I got a recipe from Stephanie Alexander’s Cooks Companion which was pretty simple but like all good things took a while. Luckily I was able to let the orange peel simmer away while I got to work on the dry ingredients.

With the dry ingredients mixed I began to prepare the apples. The recipe said to leave the skin on but I thought this would leave an unpleasant texture in the final product so decided to remove the peel before cooking in the sugar syrup with lemon peel. It was safe to say by this stage the house was smelling pretty darn good!

Everything done it was time to combine wet & dry and make a dough. Early childhood memories of scone making had me worried that this would be pretty messy, but everything came together surprisingly easy and I was quite chuffed with myself – that is, until I realised I forgot to put the eggs in…oops 🙁

I consulted Donny, who suggested I try and make a well in the dough & work the egg in that way. With a little TLC the egg was incorporated & we had a perfect mixture take two!

I then had to let it rest in a warm place to double in size, which was the perfect amount of time to clean up the mess I’d made.

Mixture (with egg) preparing to grow

The mixture had now doubled in size

It was now time for me to knock the air out of the dough and create my hot cross bun portions. This was followed by another period of growth. This was much more difficult to deal with as I didn’t have the same amount of cleaning up to distract me from my growing hunger!

Growth phase two complete I then dressed the buns with a cross made from a flour and water paste. Mine was a little too runny, but you got the idea…

A short bake in the oven, a gloss with the sugar syrup the lemon & apples were cooked in & voila, our 2pm Good Friday lunch was ready. It was such a huge success I’m considering making this a Good Friday tradition. Yum Yum 🙂

The finished product

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