Our ‘lots a lemons’ finally lives up to it’s name

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After nearly 5 years our dwarf meyer lemon (commonly known as a ‘lots a lemons’) has finally fruited!

We were beginning to think it would never happen… we’ve had a couple of set backs with our little tree.

The first was nearly 3 years ago when the fledgling plant suffered a major attack of the dreaded citrus gall wasp. It was so bad that my mum told me to throw the plant out! I figured I had nothing to lose so decided not to take mum’s advice & tried to save it…After I cut out all the infected branches that I could we were still left with one major deformity quite near the base of the tiny trunk. I’d heard from someone that if you slit the lump with a knife & coated it in a flour & water paste it could help – amazingly it actually worked – I saved a plant!!!

After a year or two of recovery, it looked like last summer we might finally get some fruit but to our dismay the insanely hot Melbourne Summer struck & destroyed the 2 small fruit that had started to form.

This year we saw 3 baby lemons start to grow, but didn’t get our hopes up… To our surprise though the lemons survived the crazy hail storm in March (a number of our lime’s suffered skin damage) & this weekend I finally harvested 2 of the 3 lemons!

Our first 3 lemons!

What better way to enjoy them than with some of Donny’s delicious crepe’s and a sprinkle of caster sugar for breakfast… Deeeelicious!

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