An Ezard inspired mothers day (with a little help from Bill Granger!)

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Perhaps I shouldn’t have joked about how long it might take me to blog about our mothers day lunch in an earlier post, it’s somewhat embarrassing that it’s nearly fathers day!

Mothers day lunch is a tricky proposition in our house as my mum’s partner is somewhat of a fussy eater, thankfully though I have a mum that eats everything! After about a week of consulting our various cook books, we finally settled on a menu of steamed scallop tortellini, roast chicken and a five-spiced creme brulee. Aside from the fussy eating factor, we also wanted a menu that required little effort on the big day.

Entree – Steamed scallop tortellini w/ verjuice and citrus better sauce, crispy leek and herb salad

This dish comes from Teage Ezard’s book “Ezard”, and aside from the blue eye mousse preparation, (which took Donny back to his apprentice days) wasn’t all that difficult to prepare and the end result was spectacular!

We didn’t have time to shop around for a reasonably priced drum sieve so opted for a much cheaper implement we found in Victoria Street. I think it did the job quite well, although washing the fish out of it at the end was another story!!!

Making the blue eye mousse

With the mousse made it was time to mix it with some chopped scallops and chives and make the tortellini. We opted for wanton wrappers instead of making our own pasta & I don’t think anybody could tell the difference when it came to eating ๐Ÿ™‚

Tortellini assembled it was time to cook them for a couple of minutes and refrigerate until the next day.

On mothers day morning, all that was left to do was make the delicious citrus butter sauce (which called for some 300g of butter, but on tasting we decided to use a bit less), fry the julienned leeks and steam the tortellini.

This was quite possibly the dish of the day. It was amazing how much citrus flavour the sauce had – it really cut through the richness of all that butter & cream.

What a way to start the lunch! Event better… as we didn’t halve the recipe, Donny & I had enough left over for dinner the following night ๐Ÿ˜€

Steamed Scallop Tortellini


Main Course – Stuffed roast chicken

My mother’s partner doesn’t eat a lot of meat, so main course is usually where we spend most of our time deliberating when planning such family meals. This year, we decided to go with a trusty roast chicken from Bill Granger’s book “Bill’s Open Kitchen”.ย  Not only does it taste amazing, but the effort required is minimal.

We decided to splash out & buy a really great looking organic, free range chicken (which was probably double the price of the regular chickens) but in my opinion, the deliciously juicy end result was totally worth it!

Served with some fresh peas, roasted veg & gravy it was comfort on a plate!

Dessert – Five-spiced creme brulee w/ spicy sugar and oven-dried pear crackers

This was another Ezard recipe, and again surprisingly easy to follow.

The quantities provided enough for 6 portions, but we decided to make it fit into 4. In retrospect, it was probably the larger serving size that messed with the cooking time (the recipe said to bake for 20-30minutes covered in foil, but I found it took a good 40mins uncovered).

Creme brulee after baking

We also had the poor fortune of discovering while making the pear crisps, (which required a 6hr bake to dry out in the oven) that even though you can set our oven to supposedly turn off at a certain time (in this case 1am) it still makes the oven timer go off…. kind of a pointless feature if you ask me?! (Thanks must go to Donny for getting up to turn the timer off ๐Ÿ™‚ )

So after a couple of drinks while we waited for our roast chicken to digest, Donny got a chance to fire up his Fat Boy to caramelise the sugar. Unfortunately for us, this was the meal where we discovered the Fat Boy needed a regulator to get a consistent flame, so the sugar didn’t quite make that crispy layer like a good brulee should have, but it was still a most delicious end to a fantastic lunch ๐Ÿ™‚

Five-spiced creme brulee

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