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Melbourne Food & Wine Festivities

With the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival over I thought it timely to review our experiences of festival 2010.

This year we didn’t actually go to many events – I’m not sure whether it was just a case of bad timing or whether the programme was all a bit meh?

So let’s begin with the positive –  Five Course Cocktail Degustation at Der Raum $70 p.p

It’s no secret that the folk at Der Raum know how to make a damn fine drink and it’s probably also no secret that they know how to organise an event – but this was a new discovery to us!

We were pleasantly surprised to enter the venue where we were promptly shown to our 2 seater bench far removed from anybody else (score!). The menu was explained to us and waters were poured. It wasn’t long before the last guests had arrived and first course was served.

Critic Critique

With the launch of The Age Good Food Guide (AGFG) 2011 just a few months away,  I begin to hope that they overhaul (or more appropriately, fix) the method in which their restaurant rankings are calculated.

The AGFG ranking system is significantly different from the most revered guide in the world, The Michelin Guide; and I am not simply talking about Hat’s (AGFG) vs. Stars (Michelin).

The AGFG gives Hat’s out based on a score out of 20. A score of 15 – 15.5 rewards a restaurant with One Chef Hat. A score of 16 – 17.5 awards Two Chef’s Hats. A score of 18 or above awards the full Three Chef’s Hats.

Did you make a reservation?

I’ve been talking about starting my own food blog for a very long time…. so what is it that finally made me start???

…The overwhelming feeling of rejection & betrayal at being denied a table at our all time favourite Saturday afternoon lunch spots, thanks to a yum cha special in this weeks edition of the Epicure.

Suffering a serious case of Mondayitis, the outlook for the rest of the week was instantly improved when I received an email which simply said “you me david’s saturday”.