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The Fat Boy wasn’t quite right…

Whilst we had the utmost success with the Fat Boy in the beginning, as the Propane cannister emptied out it started to behave quite unusually.

Although it still worked perfectly fine when it was standing upright, when it was turned upside down the super-hot blue flame turned into an over-oxygenated yellow flame – which meant that it wasn’t blowtorching things properly anymore.

I did some research and found out that this is a common problem as the cylinders empty out, and that you actually need a regulated blowtorch nozzle.

After searching online, I found a suitable model – also sold at Bunnings – the TS3000T. It comes in a pack with a propane cannister, under the code TS3000, which cost about $68.

Cuisinart MP-14NA Food Processor

We had been thinking about getting a decent sized food processor for quite some time now. As good as our Cuisinart Mini Prep is for smaller tasks (see our writeup here), it’s obviously impractical for the bigger jobs.

Having being blessed with the almighty Robot Coupe R301 Ultra in most of my previous commercial kitchens, I knew that I would not be easily satisfied. Budgetary requirements prevented us from spending upwards of $2000 on that piece of luxury – which meant that I had pretty much decided on the Sunbeam Cafe Series LC8900 food processor – which retails for a more modest $399AUD.

Fat Boy in the Kitchen

Update: See here for our revisited review of the Fat Boy

Dissatisfied with the retail selection of “culinary” blowtorches, most of which need to be refilled using a butane cannister, and most of which range between $50 and $90, I went searching to find something more suitable. My good friend (not that he knows it), Thomas Keller, recommended that I purchase one from a hardware store.

Enter: The Fat Boy. I picked this supersized and superpowered blowtorch up from Bunnings.

The cost? Around $30AUD. The verdict? Awesome. The sugar on my porridge? Caramelised. The cheese on my omlette? Perfectly melted. The hot cross buns? Slightly burnt – perhaps I was getting a bit carried away 🙂

My Ten Favourite Kitchen Gadgets


Kitchen gadgets…some are useful, some remain sitting in the bottom of the drawer for all eternity. Without further ado, I present my top ten favourite kitchen gadgets, in no particular order.


I own three of these now – that’s how good they are. I mainly use the zester for things like zesting citrus fruits, and grating rhizomes like ginger and galangal. The medium ribbon microplane is what I use when I am grating hard cheeses (Granna, Reggiano) and palm sugar. The more conventional one (Extra Coarse) I use for potatoes, carrots, and soft cheeses. Microplane makes my life in the kitchen easier – I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer