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Our ‘lots a lemons’ finally lives up to it’s name

After nearly 5 years our dwarf meyer lemon (commonly known as a ‘lots a lemons’) has finally fruited!

We were beginning to think it would never happen… we’ve had a couple of set backs with our little tree.

The first was nearly 3 years ago when the fledgling plant suffered a major attack of the dreaded citrus gall wasp. It was so bad that my mum told me to throw the plant out! I figured I had nothing to lose so decided not to take mum’s advice & tried to save it…After I cut out all the infected branches that I could we were still left with one major deformity quite near the base of the tiny trunk. I’d heard from someone that if you slit the lump with a knife & coated it in a flour & water paste it could help – amazingly it actually worked – I saved a plant!!!