Monday night cooking

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Tonight we made Tiger Beer, Chilli Jam and Coconut Mussels from Teage Ezard’s book Lotus: Asian Flavours.

We had some left over chilli jam from last week when we made a super delicious Tom Kha, from the Longrain book Modern Thai Food so preparation for this dish was at a minimum (perfect Monday night cooking!)

The recipe suggested that if you were having trouble sourcing garlic shoots asparagus would be a suitable replacement… We were sceptical about this, but as our local green grocer didn’t have any garlic shoots we had no other choice.

Luckily for us the asparagus complimented the mussels perfectly – I knew everything would be ok once I started smelling the amazing aromas from the wok when Donny put the garlic and asparagus in!

It wasn’t long before the mussels were cooked. What a feast! My only comment would have been to perhaps not halve the recipe like we did. The consensus at the end of the meal was “if there was another kg to be eaten right now that’s what we’d be doing”… Ah well, at least we’ve got some emergency sago in the fridge for dessert!

Tiger beer, chilli jam and coconut mussels

1kg just wasn't enough!

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