A Leisurely Sunday Lunch at Loam

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Yesterday Donny & I had the meal of the year during a beautiful lunch at Loam.

We left home early and built up a sizable appetite visiting a couple of beautiful wineries along the Bellarine Peninsula, so when presented with the list of possible ingredients for the month of November (in place of a conventional menu) it went without saying that we would opt for the maximum  number of courses available (7) with matched wines for $160pp.

Our waitress advised that this could take quite some time, but we were in no hurry, content to enjoy the landscape of olive groves and various wildlife out the large bay windows.

The meal began with a palate cleanser of radish and smoked butter and was followed by our first course of Dutch carrot, brazil nut, pine needle yoghurt, herbs matched with the local Oakdene ‘Jessica’ Sauvignon Blanc.

First Course

Second course followed after a suitable pause. Blue-eye and it’s bones, garlic, celery, turnip which was matched with a Louis Jadot Macon Blanc. In case you’re wondering… yes we were given lots of bread & encouraged to mop up all of that delicious sauce 🙂

The Tastiest Fish Bones Ever!

The next course was the only one that we had an inkling of what it would be due to the raw nature of the product. Generally though our waitress took great pleasure in keeping us in suspense throughout the meal.

Wagyu rump, hen’s egg, squid, wild garlic was served tartar style and matched perfectly with the 2009 Sorrenberg Gamay.

Third Course

Having not drank a lot in the last couple of months, I was starting to feel a wee bit tipsy by the end of the fourth course of Squab, pink fir, bitter onion, roe, marjoram and a glass of People Madly Stomping Pinot Meunier!

More bread required to mop up the bitter onion 🙂

The fact that I was happy to continue eating after the last savoury course was testament to the perfect pace of this lunch. Veal rump, jerusalem artichoke, milk, cabbage, squid and a glass of Paradise IV Bates Ford Shiraz was the fitting end to this part of the meal!

Mmmm milk skin 😀

The cheese course was next, and in typical loam style it was not just a typical ‘slab’ of cheese. Ewe’s milk – old & new was actually a beautiful combination of roquefort, mint and icy, almost sweet ewe’s milk and was paired with a 2007 Amietta Angel’s Share Cabernet Cermenere.

Cheese Course

We’d wiled away almost four hours by the time dessert arrived. Usually I’d shy away from anything chocolate but the balance of flavours between Chocolate, lemon curd, pear, vinegar meringue and a glass of Dal Zotto Pucino Procecco were absolutely perfect.

The end

It was difficult to pick a favourite dish for the day – every course became the new favourite, only to be superseded by the next!

Loam is definitely the full package. Amazing food, serene outlook and the very friendly and knowledgeable staff led us to the mutual feeling that we didn’t want the experience to end. But when it did, we were presented with one more surprise – a printed menu to take away, complete with wine selections. Just perfect 🙂

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4 Responses to A Leisurely Sunday Lunch at Loam

  1. Neil says:

    This was without doubt one of the worst dining experiances of my life. I waited 4 hours for 2 courses. When we spoke to the owner he had a very quick and aggressive response for me, they obviously get a lot of complaints. The meals were small and the owner said the record is 16 courses for one person and I bet they were still hungry afterwards. I went last year and it was great but this year I would have prefered airport food.


    • Donny says:

      Was this for dinner or lunch? What day of the week & month of the year did you go? Which courses had the delays?

      4 hours is unacceptable and compensation in some way, shape, or form should have been offered.

  2. Astrid Turner says:

    Hello Donny,

    As I hope you will understand, there is always two sides to every situation and there were several points that Neil has neglected to note –

    Half of his party arrived over an hour early, the remainder almost an hour later.

    Whilst several of his party choose just two courses others opted for four.

    Two members of his party left half way through lunch to attend a football match in Geelong and requested they be given the missed courses on their return an hour later. We obliged.

    The time was significantly less than the four hours Neil indicates. I ask you to consider the length of your lunch as comparison.

    I have attempted to speak with Neil personally about his lunch without success. He has instead chosen only to post his thoughts on the internet.

    I am glad you had such a wonderful time and look forward to having you in the restaurant again soon.

    Warm regards,

    Astrid Turner
    Loam Restaurant

    • Donny says:

      Thanks for the comment Astrid!

      We figured that Neil wasn’t telling the full story, seeing as he did not reply to our questions – and we did think it was extraordinarily odd that there would be such a discrepancy between the wonderful meal we had, and the meal that Neil described.

      Rest assured that our opinion of Loam is not (and was never) tainted in any way, shape, or form, and we are extremely excited by the prospect of coming back to enjoy your warm hospitality and amazing food, hopefully in the near future 🙂


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