Which Direction for NorthSouth Eatery?

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It was over before it really began – NorthSouth Eatery, the small “upmarket eatery” located in South Yarra, only opened on October 22 last year, so its quite interesting that – after less than 3 months in operation – Roger Fowler and Ron O’Bryan have parted ways.

We contacted both Roger and Ron for comment – Roger stated that:

“Rons a terrific chef who’s bound for glory and I have nothing but appreciation for all of his assistance in getting NorthSouth up and running.”

Ron echoes this statement, adding the following:

“Our split was amicable. What we’d originally planned to do together and what NorthSouth is is vastly different. It wasn’t the business model we’d intended at the start. Whilst I am disappointed not to be involved at NorthSouth, I haven’t ruled out helping out at NorthSouth down the track and the possibility of future projects.”

It must be disappointing for Ron, having put in a lot of hard work helping to get NorthSouth up and running. Personally, we feel that the place simply wasn’t big enough to sustain the two of them.

Hopefully it all works out for NorthSouth, as it’s a good addition to the South Yarra dining scene. Given that their style of food has already been defined, the kitchen side of things should work themselves out reasonably quickly.

Meanwhile, Ron is still involved with The Rising Sun Hotel in South Melbourne. The Rising Sun’s dining room revamp, incidentally, has been delayed and will not be finished until February at the earliest.

Update, 3/6/2011: Well it took less than a year – Roger has sold NorthSouth on the 11/5/2011, and the new owners have rebranded it yesterday. It’s now called BK’s On Chapel.

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