Sunday Brunch at Ad Hoc

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Our beautiful, unseasonably warm sunny Sunday morning in Yountville, Napa Valley, was spent eating brunch at Thomas Keller’s casual restaurant, Ad Hoc.

It’s open for dinner 5 nights a week (Thursday to Monday), and also for brunch on Sunday. We were quite lucky that our 4 nights in the Napa Valley coincided with us being there on a Sunday as we were quite interested in the Brunch 🙂

Brunch is a funny thing – we don’t typically go out for it as Ritsy’s stomach usually gets angry if it hasn’t been sated by 8am! To counteract this, we opted to make our booking quite late (11:30am), which allowed us to get one more “breakfast” in at Bouchon Bakery (also Thomas Keller’s, and just over the road from where we were staying). This ended up working out very well considering the size and richness of the three courses of the day, which cost us $34 pp plus tax.

The inside of the restaurant

The only choice we had to make for the day was which drink to have – we opted for the red “Sunday Morning Sangria” ($8), which was absolutely delicious!

The first of the three courses arrived at the table soon after we got our drinks – a “Salad of Little Gem Lettuces with cara cara oranges, toasted pistachios, cerignola black olives, citrus dressing”. It was perfectly dressed, beautifully seasonal, and utterly tasty. This didn’t really surprise us as the salads we have made from this restaurants cookbook, Ad Hoc at Home, have all been great.

Salad of Little Gem Lettuces

Main course was the “Duck Confit & Waffles with poached hen egg, brussels sprout hash, melted onions brown gravy, maple syrup”. This sounded (and looked) very full on, but oh my god was it awesome!!! The maple syrup might have been taking it just one step too far, but thankfully it was served in a separate jug (we couldn’t bring ourselves to try it!!). The confit duck was to die for, the gravy and the egg working perfectly in sync with the fresh, thick waffles and the savoury brussels sprout and potato hash.

Duck Confit & Waffles

Beyond full, we were quite lucky that the last (dessert) course was more of a drink – “Root Beer Floats with vanilla ice cream, chocolate chip cookies”. This was my first taste of root beer (Ritsy said it was very similar to Sarsparilla) and I liked it!

As we couldn’t eat all of the cookies (I only managed to eat one of them), they packaged up the remaining three for us, along with a copy of the menu which was a nice touch.

We really enjoyed our brunch at Ad Hoc. It’s a shame that we don’t really have anything like it in Melbourne, but we’re already looking forward to going back the next time we go to the Napa Valley!

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