Movida, The Original And Still The Best!

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Getting a table at Movida pre Movida Next Door and Movida Aqui (see our review here) used to be almost impossible. I remember that every occasion Ritsy and I attempted to get in for (midweek, weekend, it didn’t seem to matter), they would be booked out.

So, when I picked up the phone a month in advance to made a booking for our third wedding anniversary (on a Tuesday night in March), I didn’t exactly have high hopes of being successful. I almost fell off my chair when they said “no problem, see you then”.

As we walked up Hosier Lane, past the already full MoVida Next Door (it was 6:15pm!), we saw the man himself, Frank Camorra, working away in his chef whites. He was still there as we left at about 8pm – it’s always nice to see the “big name chefs” actually working in their kitchens.

Movida’s menu is all about Tapas. Small bites, ultimately shareable (most things are ordered by the piece), and extraordinarily well executed food is what you can expect. There’s no degustation on offer (I actually wouldn’t mind one as it would make the ordering process a lot easier!!), so you choose from a broad array of 9 or so Tapas and 15 Raciones, plus a few specials in each section. We ended up with 3 Tapas and 3 Raciones.

After some nice, freshly baked bread (2 slices each, 2 types, and some olive oil), the Oysters ($4 each) arrived, which were one of the special Tapas for the night – they were quite large, very tasty, and served with a cucumber foam dotted with garlic that made them look a bit like Oysters Mornay.

Oysters with Cucumber and Garlic Foam

Next up was a Pyrenees wet roasted Lamb Breast, served with a Fino Sherry and Paprika sauce ($4 each). They were super lamb-y, and had been cooked just long enough that it still had a nice texture. This was probably my favourite dish of the night – the Fino and Paprika sauce complimented the lamb brilliantly.

Pyrenees wet roasted Lamb Breast, Fino Sherry and Paprika sauce

We were then greeted by a lovely plate of Tuna and Veal ($5.50 each), again off the specials. Veal and Tuna, believe it or not, is somewhat of a classic (Vitello Tonato) – eating this dish makes you see why, the interplay between the two proteins was really good.

Tuna and Veal

The food was coming out pretty quickly at this point – the Pork Croquetas with Cornichons and Capers ($14 for 3), which had a nice crispy coating, came alongside the refreshing Valencian Salad with Endive, Orange, Palm Hearts and Manzanillo Olives($9).

Pork Croquetas with Cornichons and Capers

Valencian Salad with Endive, Orange, Palm Hearts and Manzanillo Olives

OK, so I may have been lying before when I said the braised lamb was my favourite dish. Perhaps I’ll call it my favourite “new” dish (new meaning I’ve never ordered it before). Simply put, nothing can beat what came out next – Air-dried Wagyu with Poached Egg and Truffle Foam ($19.50). This dish is one of my all time favourites – not just at Movida. The combination of the truffle, gooey poached egg, and the cured wagyu is out of this world. It’s super rich, so it’s a good dish to end a big meal on 🙂

Air-dried Wagyu with Poached Egg and Truffle Foam

We didn’t order any dessert this time (we decided to go to Gingerboy for a cocktail and a shared dessert plate :D), and we only drank 3 Moritz Lagers ($8 each) so dinner was an entirely reasonable $93.50.

With all the money and effort put into Movida Aqui, it’s nice to know that the old girl’s still got it!

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  1. Yasmine says:

    I had the air dried wagyu on Sunday night but I did have to book well in advance and it was third time lucky for us to. I have no words left to describe the air dried wagyu beef, 4 days later I am still thinking about it – simply unforgettable.

    The lamb was melt in your mouth

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