Ladro, Prahran

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How many local pizza chains do you know of that have Aesop hand soap and hand balm in the toilets, and an apiary on the roof? None? I thought as much!

Located in Greville Street, Prahran (the older, original restaurant that was started by Supermaxi‘s Rita Macali is in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy), Ladro has quite a funky fitout. White tiles adorn the walls, which doubles as the drinks / food specials board, on which the “Arrosto” of the day (roast from the wood oven) and the Beer of the Day, amongst other things, are scribbled on.

We started our third trip to Ladro with two of the aforementioned beers of the day, Forst Lager ($8 each). We have never tried / seen Forst before, and I think Ritsy got a taste for them, so we’re going to have to find a retail supplier pronto!

Whilst there are many regular meal options on the menu (soups, pasta, steak, and salads), pizza is the real name of the game here. Tonight we ordered the “Badabing” ($20.50), which has toppings of tomato, provolone (cheese), pork sausage, oregano, fresh chilli and basil. It was a bit light on the basil, but the pizza was typically fantastic. Their perfectly cooked, slightly chewy, cut-it-yourself thin pizza base simply cannot be beaten.

Badabing - tomato, provolone, pork sausage, oregano, chilli and basil

We also ordered the “Cavolofiore” ($9.50) – which was pickled cauliflower with balsamic roasted shallots. The cauliflower had a hint of their home-grown honey in the pickle, while the shallots were so delicious I had to fight Ritsy for my share!!!

Pickled Cauliflower with Caramelised Shallots

After devouring all that, we ordered one more beer (the waitress, however, decided that we needed two) and the “Crema” ($12.50) dessert. This sounded quite interesting – crumbed custard with limoncello cream and berries – and was pretty good for something different. The limoncello cream worked nicely with the slightly fatty coating on the custard.

Crumbed Custard with Limoncello Cream and Berries

Another excellent dessert option that we ate on the last 2 visits is the Bomboloni ($12.50) – 3 golden fried Italian Doughnuts, coated in sugar and topped with a blood orange syrup and vanilla icecream. Ultimate.

We haven’t been to Ladro in Gertrude Street, so we can’t compare the two. What we can tell you is, if you’re after sensational pizza, and feel like eating it in a funky oh-so-greville-street setting, you can’t go wrong with Ladro.



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  1. Peter Gillies says:

    I too have dined at this awesome pizzeria with 2 lovely friends of mine, and the “baddabing” was definatley the pick, and those doughnuts……. Yummo.
    I do recall another customer sitting near by with some serious tongue action….. which was a laugh, but he must have enjoyed it too

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