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Well, I finally managed to make my own Piragi!

I was somewhat deterred by my mum constantly telling me it was an ‘all day job’, but when I had a day free & was in the baking mood I thought I’d give it a whirl… turns out mum was drastically over exaggerating – it took far less time than what I found it took me to bake a batch of piparkukas only days before!

So – on with the process… my mum didn’t have a recipe & my aunt who has all of our Latvian recipe’s was overseas at the time I decided to bake so mum suggested that I use the one for ‘piroshki’ in my much treasured Margaret Fulton cookbook.

It looked pretty straight forward – and would have been a whole lot easier had I actually made sure I had all the ingredients before I started *read mad run to the store to get more eggs mid-way through combining the ingredients* – oops…

The first step was to make the dough, which aside from the abovementioned mistake, was so super easy – combine ingredients & let it rest!  As it’s a super fluffy bread consistency you’re looking for you don’t really want to work the dough at all.

The dough!

While the dough was resting, I got down to cooking my speck, pepper & onion mix – and can I just say that the house was smelling AMAZING at this stage 🙂

I cooked down the onions & speck on quite a low heat so it took quite some time, which was good because by the time the mixture had cooled the dough was ready for piragi making!

The speck & onion mix

Margaret suggested to roll the dough in rounds, but I remember my Vastmum always used to make kind of long shapes (which we also experienced in Latvia), so I gave this a go. Unfortunately, as it had been perhaps close to 20 years since I last made these, I’d forgotten how to join the seam of the bun & had it running kind of down the side with the end result being a whole lot of split buns when they baked… thankfully I kinda got the hang of it by the end, ensuring the seam was on the bottom of the bun, so we had at least a couple of perfectly formed parcels of deliciousness 🙂

The finished product 🙂

Split or not split though, I was super happy, as to me, the flavour was just how I remembered them. Vatsmum must have been a good teacher 🙂

Now that I know the whole process only takes a couple of hours, I’ll most definitely be making these again in the near future – look out waist line!!!

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