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Three Bags Full at home

We have been buying the Three Bags Full house blend for our espresso machine of late. It’s roasted by Five Senses Coffee and is delicious with milk.

It’s also quite cheap – $8 for a 200gm jar refill (the first time you have to pay an extra $2 for the jar itself).

We first visited their cafe about 2 months ago for breakfast – and were instantly hooked on their coffee – it was so good and chocolatey that we had to have two of them!

Breakfast is pretty reasonable there too, with a pretty good variety of things to eat Рfrom the straight forward Eggs Benedict, Scrambled / Poached / Fried eggs on toast,  Porridge Рto more gourmet options which include Poached Eggs with Prosciutto, Parmesan and Truffle Oil.

Starting Out

After suffering through another Christmas day coffee hunt, the temptation of the sales was too much and we are now the proud owners of a coffee machine!

The last two weeks have been a real learning curve… Who would have thought making that perfect cup would be so technical?! First you have to get the grind setting right, then the tamp pressure, not to mention milk quality… ahhhhh!!!!

We purchased the coffee machine a week before our grinder and not wanting to delay the home coffee experience any longer, we bought a bag of ground Chompy from St Ali. The ground size wasn’t correct for our machine and while the coffee was ok, it was by no means as good as what we sampled in store.