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Hits & a few misses – Guide Season 2011

Well it’s that time of the year again – little more than 4 hours had passed on release day until we had The Age Good Food Guide 2011 in our hands.

Here’s our quick take on the hits, and the misses, of the 2011 guide.

Hits Vin Cellar

This year, they received their first hat. We predicted they were on this path earlier this year when we shared our experience of one of our favorite restaurants.

Jacques Reymond

For remaining the number one ranked restaurant in Melbourne. It’s a great testament to the family-run business, even after losing their highly regarded maitre’d.

Eleonore’s at Chateau Yering

For getting closer to it’s deserved ranking of 2 hats. The dining room is still amazing, the service is still great, and the food, although quite different from it’s Gary Cooper heyday, is wonderful.

Misses The Bund

Vin Cellar

We had dinner at Vin Cellar on Friday night. This was Ritsy’s second dinner here, and my third, thanks to an awesome work function last year.

We sat down in front of the open fire at the back of the restaurant, and started proceedings with a couple of glasses of Veuve Clicquot. There are not many places in Melbourne that you can get a glass of champagne for $16.50, let alone Veuve Clicquot. This is the Vin Cellar style.

Their wine philosophy is probably best explained by quoting their website:

At VIN we love our wine. VIN boasts one of the most prolific wine lists in Melbourne, ranging from Old World Burgundies and Bordeaux, to back vintages of iconic Australian brands such as Giaconda, Rockford, Wendouree and Bass Phillip. All our wines are offered at competitive bottle shop prices, with an additional cost of $5 per bottle to drink in.

Critic Critique

With the launch of The Age Good Food Guide (AGFG) 2011 just a few months away,  I begin to hope that they overhaul (or more appropriately, fix) the method in which their restaurant rankings are calculated.

The AGFG ranking system is significantly different from the most revered guide in the world, The Michelin Guide; and I am not simply talking about Hat’s (AGFG) vs. Stars (Michelin).

The AGFG gives Hat’s out based on a score out of 20. A score of 15 – 15.5 rewards a restaurant with One Chef Hat. A score of 16 – 17.5 awards Two Chef’s Hats. A score of 18 or above awards the full Three Chef’s Hats.